The Christmas Star (Advent 2012 – Day 8)


Todays scripture:

“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”  

– Matthew 2:2

While we do not know much about this alleged Christmas star,  how the Magi came about following it, or how the Magi knew what they would find by following the star. What we do know is some Magi came from the west, following a star, and seeking the new born king. Who knows if this star was a cosmic event or some supernatural occurrence, but I am of the opinion that this event was of a miraculous nature.  Just as the Roman census was timed perfectly to bring the unborn messiah to Bethlehem, this cosmic event occurred in such a way to lead the Magi right to the young savior.

Today’s passage is short, but I think there is still a valid take away from this. That being that God is in control and even the stars work together for his good. Nothing is outside of his control and just because we cannot understand how something will come to be, we can have peace in the knowledge that God will make a way. God’s will shall come to pass even if it requires the stars themselves to conform to his will. Our God is not beyond the miraculous and he doesn’t have to work in ways we can comprehend.


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