A Call to Missions (Advent Day 17)


Today’s Scripture:

“As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.” —John 17:18

So most of the daily Advent posts have been reflecting upon who Christ is and what he did for us. Today’s scripture reminds us that, while Christ has essentially done all the work for us that is not a call for us to do nothing. Christ was sent to save a world that could never save itself, and now that the victory is won the good news needs to be shared.

On May 9th 1865, the American Civil War that had engulfed the nation in war for years came to an end.  One of the many sad things that history tells us is that there were many post-war battles that occurred simply because news spread so slowly in those days. Many people continued fighting even though the victor had already been decided. In a similar way, so many people are still running from God or trying desperately to earn his approval even after the victory has been won. Even though Christ has reconciled all people back to him and is willing and ready to accept all who seek him, many have not heard, do not know, or have been misinformed.

The task given to us by Christ is to be messengers of victory calling people to repentance and bringing the world back to the loving father who is patiently waiting. We are living in great and glorious times indeed, in times when God’s promises have been fulfilled and are being fulfilled daily. Unfortunately not all has been made righteous and there is still pain and suffering in this world that we need to combat with love and good works. Darkness is in retreat, but it does not let up its grip easily. We are not promised easy lives if we take up this calling, but isn’t such a calling worthy of taking up? I know I can think of no better way to spend my time on this earth than bringing hope, peace, and freedom to people, and reassuring them that victory has come. The Lord is good, his love endures forever. As we celebrate the great and glorious things God has done for us this Advent and Christmas season, let us not forget that we have a job to do. Go forth and be peace makers, lovers of the lonely, doers of kind deeds, givers of good gifts, and most importantly messengers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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