Miracles Are Everywhere


So let’s talk about miracles. By definition a miracle is an act of God, or an event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature. To simplify it even further, a miracle is anything that we think could not have happened unless God acted. I have recently come to the understanding that this might not be the best way to look at miracles. For starters this limits the miraculous to only events that seem to mystify and inspire a sense of awe in all of us. God becomes this great magician in the sky who on seemingly random occasions will do a trick that blows our minds. It also paints this picture that something cannot be miraculous if we can comprehend it.

There are certainly many aspects of God and his miraculous works that cannot be comprehended or understood yet. That’s fine with me, I’d much rather worship a God too big for me to ever fully comprehend than a God who is so small that my 3.5 pound brain could understand all aspects of him. But I still don’t think that we should be so hasty to just assign God to the gaps in our understanding.

When we limit God in this way we create an ever shrinking God. If we hold to the idea that God only reveals himself occasionally in mystical and incomprehensible miracles, then every scientific break through gives God less and less room to work in. No, I propose that miracles are all around us and that God works miracles all the time, even if we understand how he does it.

People have grown less and less taken with the idea of miracles the more we advance as a species. The more we learn about the universe around us the less we seem to see the careful hand of God at work. We have the strange idea that if we understand it God is not in it. It seems to me that the opposite should be true.

We live in a universe that is held together by natural laws, and these laws allow order to exist. If protons and neutrons were a little bigger or smaller, or if gravity didn’t work the way it does, or if certain elements didn’t exist, or any number of factors that hold our universe together were just a little off then we’d have a universe that was completely different from our own. The fact that our universe is not sterile is a miracle in and of itself. That we live in a universe that is life compatible is miraculous when one considers how many different universes could have existed. Just the fact that something exists instead of nothing is still boggling the minds of great scientists and philosophers today.

Our universe manages to be both chaotic and ordered in ways that we are just beginning to understand. The fact that we can even do science and observe repeated and testable results in our universe shows just how well oiled of a machine our universe is. A person doesn’t look at a car and assume it has no maker simply because they understand how the combustion engine could propel the vehicle forward when weight is applied to the gas pedal. The universe is much larger, more complex, and vastly more fine tuned than any automobile. In this way I say everything is a miracle because everything has Gods fingerprints on it. Let us not deny the creator his credit simply because we learn new things about how his creation operates.


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