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Hey all, I’m glad you’re here! My name is Hardin and I’m writing this blog for several reasons. I enjoy writing, but rarely take the time to actually write anything, so this blog is a way to keep me accountable and writing. I also enjoy my religion (crazy right, I almost didn’t believe it myself) and I love writing about God, Christianity, Religion, and all that good stuff that tends to make strangers uncomfortable in casual conversation. This blog is hopefully going to be a place where I can share my thoughts, revelations, discoveries, and philosophy in a way where those who actually want to read it can find it and those who don’t can avoid this blog like the plague. I chose the name Benevolent Baptist primarily because I liked the way it sounds, but also because it will hopefully convey what I want this blog to come be about. It combines two words:

Benevolent: be·nev·o·lent (adj.) – well-meaning and kindly, serving a charitable rather than profit-making purpose.

Baptist: bap·tist (n.) –  a member of the Protestant Christian denomination advocating Baptism of adult believers. A person who baptizes someone.

 I welcome all readers regardless of religious affiliation or lack there of and I’d love to hear what you think. Constructive criticism and thought-provoking discussion is always welcome. If you’ve read this far then I congratulate you on being far more interested in me than I gave anyone credit for. I’ll save you some time and include some bullet point facts.

Name: Hardin Crowder

Nationality: American

Occupation: Youth Minister

Favorite Things:

  • Band:  Grateful Dead or Cloud Cult
  • Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway or The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
  • Bible Verse: Galatians 6:2
  • Food: Thai Peanut Noodles or BBQ Ribs
  • Drink: Green Tea or Apple Juice
  • TV Show: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 or Community
  • Movie: The Man of La Mancha or Ghostbusters
  • Sports Team: New Orleans Saints or Chelsea FBC

3 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Who Are You? Your posts are so helpful-even though I must read and re-read to sorta “get it.” How tough is the “Science and Theology: The New Consonance” for a pretty soggy brain? I am a recently retired first grade teacher with a hunger for applicable apologetics for me and others. Current fav is Timothy Kellers The Reason for God ~Belief in an Age of Skepticism- which I also have to read and reread. (I have and educational website for first grade teachers: Mrs.Haynes’s First Grade in Photos)

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m just another sinner saved by grace, and I’m flattered that you find my ramblings helpful. “Science and Theology: The New Consonance” is one of my favorite books when it comes to matters of how science and faith have and continue to work together. The book is a collection of writings from many different authors, so the difficulty changes from essay to essay. There were some essays that I though were very easy to read and insightful. There were others that I found to be over my head at times. I was never completely lost, but occasionally I would have to put the book down and read up on a mathematical or scientific concept I was unfamiliar with. Keep in mind that I got my degree in Biblical Studies and History, so most of my higher math and scientific knowledge was self taught and very limited. Despite the difficulty of some passages, I think it would be a worthwhile read if you find a copy.

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